Capacity: 400kgs & Max.Height:160cm

1. Surface treatment: shot blasting and stoving varnish with anti-corrosion function.
2. High quality pump station makes hand-hydraulic lift table lifts and fall very stable.
3. Up to standard CE



Product Description

What are the functions of Electric Lift Platform?
Raise or lower heavy material to desired position. Meanwhile,Avoid physical harm. Widely used in automotive, container, mold manufacturing, production lines, chemical canning, repair industry etc.
Ideal for Many Applications
The simplicity and compact design of these carts make them suitable for lifting and transporting loads, order-picking, die handling and assembly operations. An ergonomic solution to lifting, positioning and transporting.
Reliable & Stable
Overload valve design prevents damage from misuse of the truck and reduces the overall maintenance cost. Each cylinder is equipped with an internal hydraulic velocity fuse. The heavy duty steel construction is engineered to hold up in harsh environments. Two rigid front casters and two rear swivel (with brake) increase maneuverability in tight areas.
Safety & Comfort
Safety stops minimize the risk of an empty deck from lowering while performing maintenance. Diminishes the amount of worker bending and lifting, which reduces risk of injury. Raise and lower the deck with mini pain and strain.

Warning: Do not move while under load. Never use to lift people

Product Information

Enhance Productivity with SANTSAI's Rail Pillar Type Hydraulic Pile Stacker Truck

Efficient material handling is crucial for businesses seeking to improve productivity and streamline their operations. SANTSAI presents the Rail Pillar Type Hydraulic Pile Stacker Truck, a powerful and reliable solution designed to optimize material handling processes. With its efficient lifting capabilities and durable construction, this Stacker truck can withstand the demands of various industries, enhancing productivity and efficiency in challenging work environments.

Section 1: Efficient Lifting Capabilities
The Rail Pillar Type Hydraulic Pile Stacker Truck by SANTSAI offers efficient lifting capabilities, making it an ideal choice for handling heavy loads. Its hydraulic system enables smooth lifting and lowering operations, ensuring precise positioning of materials. With its ability to stack and transport piles with ease, this stacker truck provides a reliable solution for efficient material handling.

Section 2: Durable Construction
SANTSAI prioritizes durability in all its material handling equipment, and the Rail Pillar Type Hydraulic Pile Stacker Truck is no exception. Constructed with high-quality materials, this stacker truck can withstand the rigorous demands of daily operations. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, reducing maintenance costs and improving overall cost-effectiveness.

Section 3: Versatile Applications
The Rail Pillar Type Hydraulic Pile Stacker Truck is designed for versatility, making it suitable for various industries and applications. Whether it's warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or construction sites, this stacker truck can handle a wide range of materials and adapt to different working environments. Its ability to navigate through narrow aisles and tight spaces further enhances its versatility, allowing for efficient material handling in any setting.

Section 4: Enhanced Productivity and Safety
The Rail Pillar Type Hydraulic Pile Stacker Truck enhances productivity by streamlining material handling operations. Its efficient lifting capabilities and maneuverability enable quicker and smoother processes, reducing downtime and optimizing workflow. Additionally, safety features such as reliable braking systems and comfortable operator cabins prioritize the well-being of your workforce, ensuring a safe and productive working environment.

SANTSAI's Rail Pillar Type Hydraulic Pile Stacker Truck is a reliable solution for businesses seeking to enhance their material handling processes. With efficient lifting capabilities, durable construction, and versatile applications, this stacker truck can withstand demanding work environments and optimize productivity. Choose SANTSAI for a dependable rail pillar type hydraulic pile stacker truck that will streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and contribute to your business's success. Trust SANTSAI for high-quality material handling equipment that exceeds expectations.

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