Capacity: 1000kgs & Max.Height:180cm

1. Surface treatment: shot blasting and stoving varnish with anti-corrosion function.
2. High quality pump station makes hand-hydraulic lift table lifts and fall very stable.
3. Up to standard CE



Product Description

What are the functions of Electric Lift Platform?
Raise or lower heavy material to desired position. Meanwhile,Avoid physical harm. Widely used in automotive, container, mold manufacturing, production lines, chemical canning, repair industry etc.
Ideal for Many Applications
The simplicity and compact design of these carts make them suitable for lifting and transporting loads, order-picking, die handling and assembly operations. An ergonomic solution to lifting, positioning and transporting.
Reliable & Stable
Overload valve design prevents damage from misuse of the truck and reduces the overall maintenance cost. Each cylinder is equipped with an internal hydraulic velocity fuse. The heavy duty steel construction is engineered to hold up in harsh environments. Two rigid front casters and two rear swivel (with brake) increase maneuverability in tight areas.
Safety & Comfort
Safety stops minimize the risk of an empty deck from lowering while performing maintenance. Diminishes the amount of worker bending and lifting, which reduces risk of injury. Raise and lower the deck with mini pain and strain.

Warning: Do not move while under load. Never use to lift people

Product Information

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Enhance Efficiency and Affordability with SANTSAI's Fork Adjustable Hydraulic Stacker

Efficient material handling is essential for businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape. SANTSAI recognizes the need for cost-effective solutions and presents the Fork Adjustable Hydraulic Stacker, designed to optimize lifting operations at an affordable price. This ingenious piece of machinery offers the flexibility to adjust the fork height to suit various load sizes and heights. With SANTSAI's commitment to quality manufacturing and safety, this Stacker provides efficient and reliable lifting of heavy loads at a price that won't break the bank.

Section 1: Flexibility in Load Handling
The Fork Adjustable Hydraulic Stacker by SANTSAI provides the ultimate flexibility in load handling. The adjustable fork height allows for easy accommodation of different load sizes, eliminating the need for multiple stackers for varying load heights. This versatile feature translates to significant cost savings and increased efficiency in material handling operations.

Section 2: Durability and Safety
SANTSAI, as a reputable stacker manufacturer, prioritizes durability and safety in all its products. The Fork Adjustable Hydraulic Stacker is built to withstand the rigors of heavy lifting, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, safety features such as secure load handling mechanisms and robust braking systems guarantee the well-being of operators and minimize the risk of accidents.

Section 3: Affordable Pricing
At SANTSAI, we believe that cost should not compromise quality. Our Fork Adjustable Hydraulic Stacker is competitively priced without compromising on performance or reliability. We understand the importance of affordability in today's business environment and strive to offer the best value for your investment. By choosing SANTSAI, you can enhance your material handling efficiency without breaking the budget.

Section 4: Improved Efficiency and Productivity
The Fork Adjustable Hydraulic Stacker from SANTSAI is designed to streamline material handling operations, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. With its easy maneuverability and adjustable fork height, operators can maximize efficiency and reduce the time and effort required to move heavy loads. This improved workflow translates into increased productivity and a significant boost to your bottom line.

With SANTSAI's Fork Adjustable Hydraulic Stacker, businesses can achieve efficient material handling operations at an affordable price. The flexibility in load handling, durability, and safety features make it an excellent investment for various industries. Choose SANTSAI's Fork Adjustable Hydraulic Stacker to optimize your workflow, enhance efficiency, and improve overall productivity without compromising on affordability. Trust SANTSAI for reliable and cost-effective material handling solutions that propel your business towards success.