Capacity: 400kgs & Max.Height:170cm

Looking for a compact and versatile solution for light material handling? SANTSAI's Manual Hydraulic Light Stacker is the perfect choice. Designed for efficient and precise lifting of lighter loads, this stacker is suitable for various industries, especially those with limited space. The manual hydraulic operation ensures smooth and reliable performance, while the sturdy construction guarantees durability. Trust SANTSAI as a leading stacker manufacturer for top-quality material handling equipment that prioritizes safety and efficiency. Discover the versatility and productivity of SANTSAI's Manual Hydraulic Light Stacker and revolutionize your material handling processes.



Product Description

What are the functions of Electric Lift Platform?
Raise or lower heavy material to desired position. Meanwhile,Avoid physical harm. Widely used in automotive, container, mold manufacturing, production lines, chemical canning, repair industry etc.
Ideal for Many Applications
The simplicity and compact design of these carts make them suitable for lifting and transporting loads, order-picking, die handling and assembly operations. An ergonomic solution to lifting, positioning and transporting.
Reliable & Stable
Overload valve design prevents damage from misuse of the truck and reduces the overall maintenance cost. Each cylinder is equipped with an internal hydraulic velocity fuse. The heavy duty steel construction is engineered to hold up in harsh environments. Two rigid front casters and two rear swivel (with brake) increase maneuverability in tight areas.
Safety & Comfort
Safety stops minimize the risk of an empty deck from lowering while performing maintenance. Diminishes the amount of worker bending and lifting, which reduces risk of injury. Raise and lower the deck with mini pain and strain.

Warning: Do not move while under load. Never use to lift people

Product Information

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Revolutionize Your Material Handling with SANTSAI's Manual Hydraulic Light Stacker

Efficient material handling is crucial in today's competitive business landscape. SANTSAI understands the significance of streamlining operations and presents the Manual Hydraulic Light Stacker, a game-changer in the field of material handling equipment. This versatile Stacker is designed to simplify the lifting and transportation of lighter loads in various industries. With SANTSAI's focus on high-quality manufacturing and commitment to safety, businesses can rely on this Stacker for smooth, precise, and efficient operations.

Section 1: Versatility and Maneuverability
The Manual Hydraulic Light Stacker by SANTSAI is engineered to provide versatility in a compact form. Its design allows for easy maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for warehouses, factories, and distribution centers with limited space. This stacker enables efficient handling in confined areas, optimizing the utilization of available space.

Section 2: Smooth and Precise Lifting
With the manual hydraulic operation of the stacker, operators have complete control over the lifting process. The hydraulic mechanism ensures smooth and precise lifting of lighter loads, avoiding any jolts or jerks that could potentially damage the materials being transported. This precision minimizes the risk of accidents and improves overall operational efficiency.

Section 3: Durability and Safety
SANTSAI, as a leading stacker manufacturer, places a strong emphasis on durability and safety. The Manual Hydraulic Light Stacker is built to withstand rigorous working conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Furthermore, it is equipped with safety features such as braking systems and secure load handling mechanisms, prioritizing the well-being of operators and preventing any potential accidents or injuries.

Section 4: Improved Efficiency and Productivity
By incorporating SANTSAI's Manual Hydraulic Light Stacker into your material handling operations, you can expect a significant boost in efficiency and productivity. The ergonomic design and user-friendly controls make it easy for operators to handle loads, reducing the time and effort required to move materials. This streamlined workflow translates into increased productivity and cost savings for your business.

In a world where time and efficiency play a critical role in business success, SANTSAI's Manual Hydraulic Light Stacker is the ultimate solution for streamlining material handling operations. Its versatility, smooth lifting capabilities, durability, and safety features make it an indispensable asset for industries of all sizes. Invest in SANTSAI's Manual Hydraulic Light Stacker and revolutionize your material handling processes, paving the way for enhanced efficiency, productivity, and success.