Series Servo Electric Cylinder, Max Thrust 60000N

Light Duty Electric Cylinder Max Thrust 1000N
Thrust( KN): 1~20
Rod Diameter(mm): Φ20~Φ145
Speed (mm/s): 50~2080



Product Description

Servo Electric Cylinder working principle:Servo Electric Cylinder is a modular product designed by integrating servo motor and ball screw, which converts the rotary motion of servo motor into linear motion, and at the same time optimizes the advantages of servo motor - precise speed control, precise rotation control and precision torque control is transformed into precise speed control, precise rotation control and precise thrust control.
This is a new revolutionary product for high precision linear motion series. The best substitute for pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder. 

Product Information

Technical Details


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Servo press, motion platform,pipeline bench,entertinament,industry,Rotot etc.