3 Dof Motion Simulator Platform

Dive into the future of immersive training with SANTSAI, a pioneer in motion simulation technology. Our cutting-edge 3-DOF Motion Simulator Platform redefines learning by delivering unparalleled realism and precision motion control. Explore dynamic virtual reality training environments designed for aerospace and diverse applications. SANTSAI's expertise ensures a transformative learning experience, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Discover the possibilities and elevate your training programs to new heights with our advanced motion dynamics and interactive solutions.



Product Description

The 3-DOF motion simulation platform system consists of a 3-DOF motion platform, computer control system, and drive system. The platform includes a fixed base, a movable upper platform, three Electric Cylinders enabling telescopic and axis rotary motion, a connecting Electric Cylinder, a cross hinge, and an auxiliary anti-torsion arm. Control of the Electric Cylinders allows the platform to achieve X-axis and Y-axis rotation and linear motion along the Z-axis.


Primarily utilized in simulation testing, this platform offers notable advantages in safety, cost-effectiveness, operability, site and weather independence, and efficiency. With fewer driving joints, simplified control, low cost, and high performance, it finds applications in driving simulation training, flight and space docking simulation, vehicle and ship motion simulation, and structural force loading.


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Product Feature

1. Full digital closed-loop servo control ensures smooth motion and high simulation accuracy.

2. Modular design allows for flexible system integration to meet diverse customer needs.

3. High precision Electric Cylinder drive system ensures platform rigidity and efficiency.

4. Multiple safety features ensure absolute system safety.

5. High response, speed, acceleration, and low noise cater to various operating environments.

6. User-friendly interface for easy setup and operation.

7. Energy-efficient, low maintenance, and long service life.


- Competitive price

- High speed, precision, and stability

- Quick response with low noise

- Waterproof, dustproof, and energy-saving

- Long service life with low maintenance costs


- Driving simulation training

- Flight and space docking simulation

- Ship and vehicle motion simulation

- Structural force loading

- Simulation of complex road conditions, ship bumps, and earthquake scenarios.