6 Dof Motion Simulator Platform

Dive into the future of immersive training with SANTSAI, a pioneer in motion simulation technology. Our cutting-edge 6-DOF Motion Simulator Platform redefines learning by delivering unparalleled realism and precision motion control. Explore dynamic virtual reality training environments designed for aerospace and diverse applications. SANTSAI's expertise ensures a transformative learning experience, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Discover the possibilities and elevate your training programs to new heights with our advanced motion dynamics and interactive solutions.



Product Description

The 6-DOF motion simulation platform system comprises a six-degree-of-freedom motion platform (using Stewart mechanism), 2.pnga computer control system, and a drive system. The lower platform is grounded, while the upper motion platform is supported by six Electric Cylinders connected through Hooke hinges. The computer control system orchestrates the six degrees of freedom by coordinating the strokes of the Electric Cylinders in a Cartesian coordinate system—enabling translational and rotational motions.


This versatile platform finds applications in diverse training simulators, including flight, ship, naval helicopter take-off and landing, tank, car driving, train driving, and earthquake simulators. Beyond training, it extends into fields such as motion pictures, entertainment equipment, space spacecraft docking, air tanker refueling, and industrial applications like 6-axis linkage machine tools and smart robots.


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Product Feature

1. Full digital closed-loop servo control for smooth, high-fidelity motion.

2. Modular design allows flexible system integration to cater to varying customer needs.

3. High precision Electric Cylinder drive system ensures platform rigidity and efficiency.

4. Multiple safety mechanisms for absolute platform safety.

5. High response, speed, acceleration, and low noise for diverse operating environments.

6. User-friendly interface for easy setup and operation.

7. Energy-efficient, easy maintenance, and extended service life.


- High speed and precision

- Energy-saving with long service life

- Stable performance

- Low maintenance cost, environmentally friendly

- Waterproof and dustproof

- Customizable platform size with OEM parameters

- Low noise


- Flight simulator

- Ship simulator

- Naval helicopter take-off and landing simulation platform

- Tank simulator

- Car driving simulator

- Train driving simulator

- Earthquake simulator

- Motion pictures, dynamic 4D entertainment facilities

- Game platform, VR

- Spacecraft docking and air tanker refueling

- 6-axis linkage machine tools, smart robots

- Educational or industrial-grade applications.