60 Ton 90° Mold Flipper(Customized)

Welcome to the realm of power and efficiency in mold handling with SANTSAI's groundbreaking solution - the Customized 60 Ton Mold Flipper. As a reputable manufacturer of automation solutions, SANTSAI introduces this equipment that sets new benchmarks for handling heavy-duty molds. With its robust build and customized features, the Customized 60 Ton Mold Flipper effortlessly handles even the most massive molds with precision and reliability. The team at SANTSAI works closely with you, understanding your unique requirements and designing the flipper accordingly for seamless integration into your workflow. Experience unrivaled power and efficiency in mold handling with SANTSAI's Customized 60 Ton Mold Flipper, empowering your operations like never before.


Benefits & Features

When any die / mould used in horizontal Injection moulding or Die Casting Machine is to be opened for maintenance, it requires to be turned 90 degree first. Smaller moulds are easier to turn 90 degree however when moulds are very big and heavy, it’s a very risky, time taking and laborious job.In order to turning the large dies / moulds is safer and quicker. We have two solutions for this – 90 degree turn Table and 180 degree Mould Flipper.

90 degree Mold Turning Machine is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for turning medium to large sized molds. It is the prefect counterpart to be used in conjunction with any vertical die spotting press machines. It is also the ideal equipment for repairing any large sized molds.

● Electrical motor driven
● Make the mold & die revers at 90 degree
● Fast and convenient overturning process
● Double rails and bush roller chain ensure stable revolving
● Travel switch limit rotation bracket on the 90 degree position
● Electric cabinet & moveable


1) Parameters For reference only.
2) Customized Available.

Operating principle


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