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Capacity: 2000kgs

Electric Pallet truck with Scale



Product Description

What are the functions of Electric Pallet Truck?
Ideal for handling bulky heavy materials. Such as, LoadingUnloadingPicking and Transportation etc.
Why option us?
1) Reliability 
·   CE certification
·   Heavy-duty design
2)  Efficiency
·    Unique electric lifting system offers easy operation and lifting.

·    Small Turning Radius and round fork tips& tail can be easyused at narrow space.

3)  Ergonomic design
·    Multi-function controller handle with speed control button, slowspeed button, lifting/lowering switch, alarm etc.
4)  Safety and EasyMaintenance
·    Emergency button and anti-collision button ensure the safety ofoperator.
·   Block design, More Easy operate and service.

Product Information

Technical Data



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