O Type Bundle Turnover - Customized

Welcome to a world of efficient and precise bundle handling with SANTSAI's cutting-edge solution - the O Type Bundle Turnover. As a trusted manufacturer of automation solutions, SANTSAI introduces this equipment that streamlines bundle handling processes with ease. The O Type Bundle Turnover smoothly rotates bundles, ensuring seamless operations and peak performance. The team at SANTSAI collaborates closely with you, understanding your specific needs and requirements, and tailoring the turnover for seamless integration into your workflow. Experience enhanced efficiency and precision in bundle handling with SANTSAI's O Type Bundle Turnover, optimizing your operations and delivering exceptional results.


Benefits & Features

O type bundle turnover is for the overall turnover of the whole stack of sheet metal, applicable to a variety of production of automotive, electrical manufacturing, machinery processing and other industries.Adopts PLC control, touch-screen interface operation, complete safety protection system and fault diagnosis system.

There are two different ways of clamping , pneumatic clamping and hydraulic clamping, both clamping can be automatically adjusted in the way of the clamping force to prevent the sheet -slide, the Pneumatic one is environment-friendly and do not pollute plate materials.

●  Special equipment, reliable quality

●  Force adjustable, wide application range

●  Touch screen man-machine interface.

●  Perfect fault diagnosis system

According to the logistics layout and the feeding way ,Product cn be customized.


Max. Turnover Capacity (Ton)10


Max. Turnover Length(mm)40004500
Max. Turnover Width(mm)2000



Dimension L*W*H(mm)9560*3700*37209560*3500*422010390*3500*4220


1) The above technical parameters are for reference only and are subject to the actual device.

2) Customized Available.