Capacity: 400kgs & Max.Height:76cm


- All steel construction with heavy-duty, foot operated, integral hydraulic pump and ram assembly .
- Fitted with platform safety lock device to prevent accidental lowering .
- Sliding panel platform and front wheel clamp assist removal of rear motorcycle wheel .
- Support platform fitted with full width loading ramp .
- Base assembly fitted with transport wheels.



Product Description

What are the functions of Electric Lift Platform?
Raise or lower heavy material to desired position. Meanwhile,Avoid physical harm. Widely used in automotive, container, mold manufacturing, production lines, chemical canning, repair industry etc.
1) Reliability
•   CE Certification
•   Heavy-duty design
2)  Efficiency
•   Pieces moving parts with self-lubricating guide ring
3)  Safety and Easy Maintenance
•   Heavyduty cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the Lift Table lowering in case of hose burst.
•   Removable rings, mesa makes the pipes easier to install and maintenance
•   Wedgeblock is equipped with a safety guard, convenient maintenance

•   Unauthorized maintenance or training is strictly prohibited

Product Information

Technical Details


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