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Unlock Seamless Motion Simulation with SANTSAI's Cutting-Edge 6-DOF Platform

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Embark on a new era of realistic training and entertainment with SANTSAI's innovative 6-DOF motion simulation platform. Meticulously engineered, this system seamlessly integrates a six-degree-of-freedom motion platform, a computer control system, and a drive system, offering unparalleled precision and versatility.

**Technological Marvel:**

At the core of SANTSAI's motion simulation platform is a Stewart mechanism-based six-degree-of-freedom motion platform. The upper platform, supported by six Electric Cylinders through Hooke hinges, guarantees stability and accuracy. The computer control system orchestrates the six degrees of freedom, enabling both translational and rotational motions within a Cartesian coordinate system.

**Versatile Applications:**

This platform's versatility shines through its diverse applications in training simulators, ranging from flight and ship simulations to tank and earthquake simulators. Beyond training, it extends its reach to motion pictures, entertainment equipment, space spacecraft docking, air tanker refueling, and industrial applications like 6-axis linkage machine tools and smart robots.

**Innovative Features:**

1. *Full Digital Closed-Loop Servo Control:* Immerse yourself in smooth, high-fidelity motion with our advanced servo control system.2. *Modular Design:* Tailor the system to your specific needs with our flexible and modular design, ensuring seamless integration.

3. *High Precision Electric Cylinder Drive System:* Our platform boasts a high-precision drive system for unmatched rigidity and efficiency.

4. *Multiple Safety Mechanisms:* Safety is paramount; therefore, our platform incorporates multiple safety mechanisms, ensuring absolute platform safety.

5. *High Response, Speed, Acceleration, and Low Noise:* Enjoy a dynamic experience with high response, speed, and acceleration, all while operating in diverse environments with minimal noise.

6. *User-Friendly Interface:* Setting up and operating the platform is a breeze with our intuitive user-friendly interface.

7. *Energy-Efficient, Easy Maintenance, and Extended Service Life:* Experience energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and a prolonged service life, ensuring cost-effective and sustainable operations.


**Key Advantages:**

- *High Speed and Precision:* Navigate simulations with unmatched accuracy and speed.

- *Energy-Saving with Long Service Life:* Benefit from an energy-efficient design that ensures a prolonged service life.

- *Stable Performance:* Enjoy stability in every simulation, guaranteeing reliable outcomes.

- *Low Maintenance Cost, Environmentally Friendly:* Experience cost-effective operations with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

- *Waterproof and Dustproof:* Our platform is designed to withstand challenging environments, ensuring durability.

- *Customizable Platform Size with OEM Parameters:* Tailor the platform size to meet your unique requirements seamlessly.

- *Low Noise:* Immerse yourself in simulations without the distraction of excessive noise.

**Applications Across Industries:**


Explore the possibilities of our motion simulation platform across various industries, including:

- *Flight Simulator*

- *Ship Simulator*

- *Naval Helicopter Take-Off and Landing Simulation Platform*

- *Tank Simulator*

- *Car Driving Simulator*

- *Train Driving Simulator*

- *Earthquake Simulator*

- *Motion Pictures, Dynamic 4D Entertainment Facilities*

- *Game Platform, VR*

- *Spacecraft Docking and Air Tanker Refueling*

- *6-Axis Linkage Machine Tools, Smart Robots*

- *Educational or Industrial-Grade Applications*

**Experience the Future of Simulation with SANTSAI. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities our motion simulation platform brings to your industry.**



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