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How many types of Hydraulic Platform Track


The lifting platform can be divided into fixed and mobile lifting platform, straight top type and mast type.

Fixed are: cargo ladder hydraulic lifting platform, straight-top hydraulic lifting platform, column electric lifting platform vehicle, etc.

Mobile elevators are divided into four-wheel mobile elevators, two-wheel traction elevators, automobile modified elevators, hydraulic platform cars, hand-propelled elevators, hand-operated elevators, AC and DC dual-purpose elevators, battery-mounted elevators, self-propelled elevators, diesel engine self-propelled crank-arm elevators, folding-arm elevators, sleeve cylinders.

 Type elevator, aluminium alloy elevator, elevation from 1 m to 20 m. 

It can also customize the lifts of special specifications according to the requirements of users. 

Aluminum elevator can be divided into single-column aluminum alloy, double-column aluminum alloy, three-column and four-column aluminum alloy. 

It can be used for high-altitude operation and maintenance of factories, automatic warehouses, parking lots, municipal administration, wharfs, buildings, decoration, logistics, power, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, hotels, gymnasiums, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. 

Pneumatic hydraulic dual-function platform lifting system is driven by hydraulic pressure, also known as pneumatic hydraulic vehicle.

First of all, we should take into account the scope of use, frequency of work, utilization rate, rated lifting weight and other factors of the enterprise, and select the lifts suitable for the unit to use the required level of work. 

According to the technical parameters, market research is carried out. Selection of suppliers, the first condition is to look at the credibility of manufacturers, and then after-sales service capabilities. As long as the product quality is good, the performance is good, the safety device is complete elevator, in the case of reasonable price, can be selected as the object.


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